The Tide

The Tide

We were hired to recover a crystal from a sunken complex. After traveling there and fighting some of the undead inhabiting the place, we returned the crystal to the people who asked us to retrieve it.

Another day, another gold. Being the best pistoler is sometimes a thankless job.


Collected some new scars today! Totally worth it. I got to explode a bunch of undead, test new mixes, and see an actual paladin do something that doesn’t involve me going to jail.

Deadite bone makes for some curious properties though. Mixing a powdered dash with some mercury, lead, and sulfur, then treating it with alkaline water under heat produces a catalyst that shunts the heat energy of the bomb directly into the weave. This regrettably reduces the thermal output to negligible levels, but is capable of dispelling standing enchantments. I’ll need to trial new mix balances to perfect the results, but this is still handy.

Note: Dwarves get upset about requests to use their beards to modify extracts.

The Tide

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