The Tide

The Tide: Chapter 1

Undeath on the Road

The trip to the city was more eventful than hoped. about 2 days out, we heard the alarm called during the first evening watch. A horde of undead attacked the camp, but was repelled by dwarven guns and our stalwart (if a bit of a stick in the mud) paladin companion. The damn zombies managed to grapple the little fellow, but I burned them off once Argent became desperate enough to rid himself of the nuisance. The burns he received were regrettable, but I think he new what he was asking when he called me to burn his location.

Things went sour when the being controlling the simple undead arrived, a Deadite wizard. This powerful being had a protective spell that made it impervious to mundane weapons, and we were lucky to drive it off with just a couple of bombs and our halfling’s trusty hammer. Most everyone got singed by his fireball, and I did get a good huff of his cloudkill spell, but once we got everyone clear of that, my restoring extract proved its value.

I get the feeling we’re going to need to track that son of a bitch down at some point, so I’ve started working on some new mixes for my bombs to deal with him.



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