The Tide

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The Tide

We were hired to recover a crystal from a sunken complex. After traveling there and fighting some of the undead inhabiting the place, we returned the crystal to the people who asked us to retrieve it.

Another day, another gold. Being the best pistoler is sometimes a thankless job.

The Tide: Chapter 1
Undeath on the Road

The trip to the city was more eventful than hoped. about 2 days out, we heard the alarm called during the first evening watch. A horde of undead attacked the camp, but was repelled by dwarven guns and our stalwart (if a bit of a stick in the mud) paladin companion. The damn zombies managed to grapple the little fellow, but I burned them off once Argent became desperate enough to rid himself of the nuisance. The burns he received were regrettable, but I think he new what he was asking when he called me to burn his location.

Things went sour when the being controlling the simple undead arrived, a Deadite wizard. This powerful being had a protective spell that made it impervious to mundane weapons, and we were lucky to drive it off with just a couple of bombs and our halfling’s trusty hammer. Most everyone got singed by his fireball, and I did get a good huff of his cloudkill spell, but once we got everyone clear of that, my restoring extract proved its value.

I get the feeling we’re going to need to track that son of a bitch down at some point, so I’ve started working on some new mixes for my bombs to deal with him.


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